Campbell River Salmon Point Restaurant and Pub  was constructed in 1981 and we opened for business in February of 1982. Since that time there have been "add -ons" to the building and renovations made and most recently to both our Dining and Marine Room to adapt to the needs of our growing community.

Conceptual changes have also evolved. What started out as a 65 seat "Pub" is now a 120 seat casual dining restaurant, although we still enjoy a "Marine Pub" license in the pub area

A few of our greatest assets are our location, beachfront patios and decor. However we realize that great food, excellent value and friendly service is even more important, if we expect to hold your loyalty.... so please let us know if we can make your experience better.

We are proud to be professional in the food service industry and we will do our best to provide you with quality products and great customer service.

If you have not visited us before we would certainly welcome you and for those of you who have experienced
our quality food and service, thank you for coming back!